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After COVID-19 Pandemic the cities like Pune, Bengaluru and Mumbai emerge as the most searched cities among homebuyers this year, a leading real estate portal reveals a report for the same. Titled as ‘How India Searched for Home during the Pandemic year 2020’, the report gives a glimpse of India’s house hunting trends this year.

After Covid-19 more buyers moved to buy a specious apartment rather than compact apartments which they are looking before Covid-19 as they feel the necessity of a specious apartments while working from home in this Covid-19 Pandemic situation.

At least 55-57% of buyers wish to invest in multi-storey apartments, the report mentions. While booking a flat, families want key amenities including clubhouse, security, reserved parking and power backup. Navi Mumbai, Viman Nagar, Kalyani Nagar, Kharadi, Baner — Pune, Mira Road — Mumbai — these are the top localities to buy a house.

Nearly 40-42% of the homebuyers has searched for independent houses or plots in the southern part of India. Meditation centres have become one of the key amenities that people looked while renting or buying a place in south.

With work from home emerging as the new normal during coronavirus pandemic, the search for a spacious 4BHK apartment has doubled in 2020. Affordability is the key to all house hunts, the report says. More people are keen towards investing in a property in their hometowns, according to the report.

Internet services has emerged as a crucial amenity for homebuyers in 2020. While home buyers in Pune, Bengaluru and Mumbai are most keen towards vastu compliant homes.

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Channel Partner – A Deal Negotiator which provide you best property option. http://www.floorrise.in/home-buying-guide/channel-partner-a-deal-negotiator-which-provide-you-best-property-option/ http://www.floorrise.in/home-buying-guide/channel-partner-a-deal-negotiator-which-provide-you-best-property-option/#respond Wed, 09 Dec 2020 13:05:08 +0000 http://www.floorrise.in/?p=3468 As a home buyer, especially as a first-time buyer, you must be sceptical about going for broke with your hard-earned money. Often besieged with the weird thoughts, your mind often compels you to give another thought whether it’s a wise idea to go solo and save money, or part with a chunk of your treasure to a real estate Channel Partner’s and cut back the major worries!

Have a look through the below texts and learn why it is a blessing to buy property with the help of a real estate Channel Partner:

Keeping back from frauds

The real estate Channel Partners being the experts of the industry keep their eyes peeled to the fishy issues and fly-by-night operators who may otherwise cause furtive harm to your realty investment plan. With some cases in the real estate sector, what else can be a better alternative than to walk along a real estate Channel Partner, who can keep the issues like title frauds, false promises etc. away from buyer!

Bring Convenience

Real estate channel partner’s drill down through multiple of deals a day, thus developing expertise through repeated transactions. You can leverage this expertise in cracking the best deal that too without compromising with your convenience and ease. Having a Channel Partner, you will realize that how tedious tasks like the search of interested sellers, appointments with them, and negotiation & documentation process get considerably simplified. Not only this, your real estate agent also keeps other agents and irritants away so that you can essentially focus on your deal.

Source of Information

Crucial updates regarding industry like prevailing market condition (including existing property rates), plans of future development in the region, facilities available within locales, the right fit deal etc., remain accessible on the go when you buy property with the assistance of a realty agent. Isn’t it great that all this information comes at the time of making your most important buying decision? Of course! Yes.

A Deal Negotiator

Believe, it’s a tricky affair. Deal negotiation is the most intricate part of the property purchase process. Apart from industry knowledge, it requires great verbal carpentry to bag the right deal at lucrative terms. So, if you have some reservations about going ahead all alone to buy a property, then do rethink about the negotiation part and the probable gains you might lose otherwise. i.e. FloorRise.in

Real estate Channel Partners frequently offer other useful services too, the sole aim of which is to get you the right deal in a convenient & a safe manner, and of course within your budget. Hope all above points add up to advocacy of why hiring a competent real estate channel partner is actually bliss.

FloorRise – A preferred Channel Partner – Your Deal Negotiator for best deal for your Residential or Commercial Requirements in and around pune city.

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Corona Virus – Safety & Precautions http://www.floorrise.in/pune-real-estate/corona-virus-safety-precautions/ http://www.floorrise.in/pune-real-estate/corona-virus-safety-precautions/#respond Sat, 01 Aug 2020 08:00:00 +0000 http://www.floorrise.in/?p=3464

About Corona-virus:

Infectious bronchitis virus (IBV) was the first corona virus to be isolated from domestic fowls in the late 1930s. These viruses infect the upper respiratory system of the mammals including humans. Various corona-virus types lead to various health issues. Most of the corona-viruses are not harmful. It is advisable to consult expert doctors for corona virus diagnosis. Depending upon the type of virus and the damage caused, the doctors implement corona-virus treatment in a patient-specific manner.


These viruses majorly cause cold to different intensities among humans. The other coronavirus symptoms include:

  • Runny nose
  • Headache
  • Sore throat
  • Sneezing
  • Coughing

The coronavirus types causing these moderate issues are 229E, NL63, OC43, and HKU1. These types of coronaviruses sometimes cause pneumonia or bronchitis as well.

MERS-CoV and SARS-CoV are the coronavirus types usually causing severe respiratory system issues. Due to the impact of Severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), more than 700 people had lost their lives in 2003. Again, MERS was found in the Middle East Region.

The experts recommend laboratory COVID-19 Testing of your respiratory specimen and blood serum for corona virus diagnosis. Again, you should inform your doctor about any travel to the Middle East Region and contact with animals like camels. This may help the doctors to diagnose MERS.


To prevent infection of coronavirus, you can adapt the following remedies:

  • Take sufficient rest and try to avoid excess physical stress.
  • Consume a sufficient amount of water.
  • Say No to smoking and avoid smoky regions.
  • Start medication for cough, cold, headache, breathlessness, and fever as early as possible.
  • A room humidifier helps in targeting the corona-viruses up to a greater extent.
  • Wash your hands regularly.
  • Use Face Mask N95 to get protection from corona virus.
  • Avoid gathering in public places.
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Your home safe place to live & work – Coronavirus Pandemic. http://www.floorrise.in/home-culture/your-home-safe-place-to-live-work-coronavirus-pandemic/ http://www.floorrise.in/home-culture/your-home-safe-place-to-live-work-coronavirus-pandemic/#respond Wed, 15 Apr 2020 11:51:00 +0000 http://www.floorrise.in/?p=3460

Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, people are finding their home as a first safe place for self and family members, also companies have been forced to shift to mandatory work from home policies to their employees. Now this feel situation the more important to manage the day to day house hold activity and also the professional activity without disturbing our rest family members that to without being panic.

Here people come with new thinking of –

  • A big home.
  • Important of separate work space at home to work from home.
  • Separate rooms for all family members.
  • Important of Security & hygiene in building and society premises.
  • Gated Community Project to feel safe from outsiders in this Pandemic Situation.
  • In house supply of all daily necessary Grocery, Vegetables, fruits, milk etc…
  • Family Safety as first priority.
  • Supply of clean drinking water.
  • Value added Services provided by the developers – Internet Access (Online Education).

People new getting the real importance of their home where they spend 16 hours a day, 128 hours a week, approx. 512 hours a month & approx. 6144 hours in a year & this Covid-19 Situation made them more home savvy.

Investment in a big home with separate living for every member in the family is need of the time & not wasting of money. Adopting hygiene techniques, security & gated community project where we along with our family get an assured security and safety under the dual tire security with CCTV surveillance to feel the safe at home.

 Home is place where one family just not live but they spend each and every moment of their life with other family members.


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SHUBH GATEWAY Viman Nagar – New Residential Project http://www.floorrise.in/pune-real-estate/shubh-gateway-viman-nagar-new-residential-project/ http://www.floorrise.in/pune-real-estate/shubh-gateway-viman-nagar-new-residential-project/#respond Thu, 09 Jan 2020 11:14:56 +0000 http://www.floorrise.in/?p=3454

Shubh Gateway a new residential project in Viman Nagar Pune is an architectural masterpiece built in concrete is what is being chiseled. Well planned new age development technology for the next generation, luxury and comfort, shubh gateway floor plans are planned that every corner of your home will create possibilities of finest living and thus add value to your lifestyle.

Offering 2 3 & 4 BHK homes by Shubh Developers in the well-developed locality of East Pune Viman Nagar is one of the USP of the project with ease access to Shopping Malls, IT companies, Educational Institutes, Star Hotels, Historical Places, Multiplex and Pune International Airport.

Shubh Developers with past good experience in real estate come with a unique and luxury product and having a good client base in pune and also Shubh developers have a positive review by their clients. Currently Shubh Developers having multiple ongoing projects along with Shubh Gateway Viman Nagar Pune.

Project Name – Shubh Gateway Viman Nagar Pune

Configuration – 2 3 & 4 BHK

Shubh Gateway Floor Plan – Click here for floor plans.

Developed by – Shubh developers

Shubh gateway viman nagar price – Starting from 1.11Cr*

RERA Reg. No. P52100018200

Premium Amenities:

Grand Entrance gate
-Stylish building elevation
-Decorative compound wall
-Designer Entrance Lobby
-Children’s Play Area With Sand Pit/ Rubber Mat 
-Beautifully Designed Landscaped Garden
-Party Lawn With Amphi – Theatre
-2 Automatic Elevators Per Building With Power Back-up (One Service Lift)
-Provision For Generator Back-up For Entire Project (Limited Use In Flats)
-Exclusive Car Parking Space For Every Flat
-Tremix Concrete Internal Road
-Street Lights
-Fire Fighting System

Security With CCTV Cameras
-Rain Water Har vesting
-Solar Water Heating System (Limited Time)
-Senior Citizen Sit-out
-Flower Garden 
-Feature Wall
-Swimming Pool With Deck Area
-Multi Purpose Court 
-Video Door Phone 
-Club House With Indoor Games Facilities
-Well Equipped Gymnasium 
-Modular False Ceiling In Bathroom 
-Jogging Track

We at Floorrise give a best fit projects in and around pune, so please if you have any information required, please feel free to get in touch with us.

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How to reduce Interest on your Home Loan http://www.floorrise.in/home-buying-guide/how-to-reduce-interest-on-your-home-loan/ http://www.floorrise.in/home-buying-guide/how-to-reduce-interest-on-your-home-loan/#comments Tue, 15 Oct 2019 10:41:29 +0000 http://www.floorrise.in/?p=2805

Your Dream Home…..got it.

Now the main concern is to find the best loan provider with the best Interest rate to fit in your budget.

There has been a reduction in the interest rates recently. A little difference in the interest rates offered will make a great difference for you since it is a huge investment.
Now ways to reduce Interest on your Home Loans –

Short Term Home Loan
Although, going for a shorter duration will increase the EMI amount, this will certainly ensure that your principal amount is paid off much earlier. Since, interest rates are calculated on principal amount, payment of principal amount earlier will help in marginal reduction of absolute interest to be paid as well.

Pay Extra Amount Annually

Once you are appraised annually by your company, increase the amount you pay EMIs or bulk payment for your home loan as well. This will reduce the principal amount and of course the interest on your loan.

Pay Extra EMIs

Well, it may seem to be a little difficult, but try paying extra EMIs if you really want your loan to be clear earlier than you expected. Paying EMIs with extra amount will also help in reduction of your principal amount and thus the interest in turn.

Get Your Home Loan Refinanced
Keep an eye on the interest rates prevailing in the market. You may come across loans with lower interest rates offered to you by the current lender. This is when you can switch to another bank for home loan. However, before switching to another lender, you must check all the terms and conditions attached to it. Make sure that savings accrued from a lower rate of interest are not lower than the cost of switching to a housing loan provider, with lower interest rate.

If you think of above points before and after availing the Home Loan you will able to save a huge amount of interest on your Home Loans for sure…..

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Vastu Shastra – West facing Homes http://www.floorrise.in/home-culture/vastu-shastra-west-facing-homes/ http://www.floorrise.in/home-culture/vastu-shastra-west-facing-homes/#respond Tue, 10 Sep 2019 10:22:51 +0000 http://www.floorrise.in/?p=2799

It’s a common myth that west-facing homes are not as auspicious as north and east-facing homes. The first and second choices for homes are north and east-facing doors with West being the third-choice.

A west-facing home can be as equally prosperous as other homes, provided you follow certain Vastu Shastra principles. Here, in this post, we take a look at the advantages of choosing a west-facing unit and the Vastu guidelines to follow for west-facing homes.

What Vastu Shastra tell about West-Facing Homes?

According to the actual principles of the ancient science of Vastu Shastra – all homes be it north, east, west or south-facing are all considered equally auspicious, provided you follow the right design principles based on Vastu Shastra.

The direction of the house doesn’t matter according to Vaastu Shastra. It all depends on the location of the main entrance or the door of the house.

The Benefits of Living in West-Facing Homes

According to Japanese home design philosophies, homes that have west-facing doors have a sense of youth and exuberance. It is believed that west-facing doors let in energy into the home. This is why in Japan – all traditional Geisha homes have the main doors facing the west.

It is believed that people who live in west-facing homes are likely to be prosperous and have plenty of friends. They won’t have any enemies and will be loved by all at their workplace, in personal relationships, and social situations.

West-facing homes are ideal for people who are in the following professions – politicians, teachers, religious leaders, and businesspeople.

Tips for Vaastu design for West Facing Homes

As mentioned above, it’s the entrance of the house that matters more. According to Vastu Shastra, in a west-facing home, the main door or the entrance of the house can be located in any of the four padas – 3rd, 4th, 5th or 6th.

Here’s a simple explanation of what are padas. Imagine the west side of your home as a straight line running from North West to South West. Divide it into nine equal parts. The first segment in the north-west is the 1st pada, and the last segment in the South West is the 9th pada.

The main door or entrance of the house should be positioned in any one of the following padas (or segments) to reap the benefits of Vastu Shastra – 3, 4, 5 or 6.

  • Padas (or segments) 3,4,5, or 6 are the best-suited locations to place the entrance or the main door of a west-facing home.
  • If you cannot position the entrance in the above padas, then you can place it in padas 1 or 2. While this may not give as good Vastu vibes as placing the door in the padas 3,4,5 or 6, it won’t give you negative vibes as well.
  • However, remember that the padas 7,8,9 are not considered auspicious according to Vastu Shastra and avoid placing the main door of your west-facing home in these segments at all costs.

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Property Cards to Flat Owners (New Rule) – Maharashtra Land Revenue Code, 1966. http://www.floorrise.in/govt-policy/property-cards-to-flat-owners-new-rule-amendment-maharashtra-land-revenue-code-mlrc-1966/ http://www.floorrise.in/govt-policy/property-cards-to-flat-owners-new-rule-amendment-maharashtra-land-revenue-code-mlrc-1966/#respond Fri, 30 Aug 2019 07:49:12 +0000 http://www.floorrise.in/?p=2753

The government of State of Maharashtra has decided to provide property cards to flat owners that will grant them ownership title of their property. The decision was taken in the state cabinet meeting. The cabinet has approved rules that will allow the state to provide ownership rights of vertical properties.

The state issues property cards for urban areas and 7/11 extracts for rural areas that define the ownership rights of an individual or multiple people, but there is no document available that proves ownership of the Individual who owns a flat in the building being constructed on any Land.

The state revenue department of Maharashtra Government decided to bring the – ‘Maharashtra Land Revenue Record of Rights and Registers for Apartments and Buildings Rules,’ under the Maharashtra Land Revenue Code (MLRC), 1966, which enables the state to provide a property card for flat ownership”.

This move will also help to prevent property related frauds. The property card will also help local bodies to charge taxes to flat owners. Also, the local bodies will have a clear idea about ownership along with area of such flats to determine taxes and other charges.

Maharashtra individually have around lakhs of property cards for urban areas and in Crore 7/12 extracts which used to keep the records of rural areas. The problem of vertical properties was main in the stream line that it should have no record for an individual but with this amendment by the State government will also create individual interest in such land where he holds his flat or commercial office or shop. Like Maharashtra State Government the other state government will also adopt such amendments in their respective states.

We at Floorrise give a best fit project in and around pune, so please if you have any information required, please feel free to get in touch with us. 

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Prelaunch Project by Puravankara in Bavdhan Pune – Purva Aspire http://www.floorrise.in/pune-real-estate/prelaunch-project-by-puravankara-in-bavdhan-pune-purva-zephyr/ http://www.floorrise.in/pune-real-estate/prelaunch-project-by-puravankara-in-bavdhan-pune-purva-zephyr/#respond Mon, 15 Jul 2019 12:39:34 +0000 http://www.floorrise.in/?p=2733

Since its inception in 1975, Puravankara has believed that there is only one mantra for success: Quality. This credo combined with uncompromising values, customer-centrality, robust engineering and transparency in business operations, has placed it among the ‘most preferred’ real estate brands in both residential and commercial segments. 

The Company has grown from strength to strength, having successfully completed 48 residential projects and 2 commercial projects spanning upto 23.54 million square feet (PPL’s economic interest –20.93 msft). Currently it has 24.87 million square feet / 17,895 units (PPL’s economic interest – 22.03 msft/ 16,188 units) of projects under development, with an additional 22.73 million square feet(PPL’s economic interest – 18.98msft) in projected development. An ISO 9001 certification by DNV in 1998 and a DA2+ rating by CRISIL are testaments to Puravankara

Purva Zephyr: Bavdhan Pune

Puravankara Limited launching their new project Purva Zephyr. Purva Zephyr is located in Bavdhan Pune at a prime location. This project consists of 2.5 BHK and 3.5 BHK apartment. Purva Zephyr has all the world class unique amenities to fulfil your requirements & needs. The New Launch Project by The Developer will be delightfully Designed and very much Planned. Puravankara Zephyr – Purva Zephyr – Welcome to the universe of things to come.

Purva Zephyr will be an interesting advancement that will offer distinctive arrangement of extensive 2.5 BHK and 3.5 BHK loft. Purva Zephyr 4 Acres of Land Parcel with three Tower and Number units 230 Size 2.5 bhk 850 square feet usable floor covering region 3.5 bhk 1100 square feet .

Main USP of Project –


Purva-Zephyr – Residential Project by Puravankara Ltd in Bavhan within the Pune Municipal Corporation Limit.

We at Floorrise give a best fit project in and around pune, so please if you have any information required, please feel free to get in touch with us. 

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Belmac Riverside Panvel – Residential Project in Panvel http://www.floorrise.in/home-buying-guide/belmac-riverside-panvel-residential-project-in-panvel/ http://www.floorrise.in/home-buying-guide/belmac-riverside-panvel-residential-project-in-panvel/#respond Sat, 15 Jun 2019 10:50:08 +0000 http://www.floorrise.in/?p=2711

Connecting Dreams and Reality

EXCELLENT CONNECTIVITY – Not only located at a picturesque landscape, Belmac Riverside is just 2 kms away from Panvel Railway Station. With close proximity to Navi Mumbai and Mumbai, Panvel is also a short car ride away from the popular holiday destinations like Kalavantin Durg and Pandavkada Falls, everything here is in the vicinity.

LAVISH AMENITIES – With more than 20+ World Class Amenities in and around your doorstep, Belmac Riverside truly promises you a lifestyle blended with health, happiness and success. Truly a place to Rejuvenate, A place to connect, A place to LIVE!!

1,20,000 SQ FT OF OPEN SPACES – With 1,20,000 sq. feet of Open Spaces and 3 side Open Apartments, Belmac Riverside seems to be a new world in its own! To add on, the scenic beauty and river touch advantage is truly a treat to the eyes, every single moment.

Project by – Supreme Holdings & Hospitality I. Ltd

Established in 1982, supreme went on to become a public-listed company in june 1995. Over the years, supreme and various other companies of the jatia group have had a turnover of over 2000 crore. The group has diverse business interests in 5-star hotels, real estate development (including land bank acquisition), trading and manufacturing.

Belmac Residences – Residential Project in Kalyani Nagar Annex, Pune by Supreme Holdings & Hospitality I. Ltd.

We at Floorrise give a best fit project in and around pune, so please if you have any information required, please feel free to get in touch with us. 

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