Buying Ready to Move Property ?

Buying a New Property is a momentous task. The Decision of buying a new property whether to buy a under construction property or a ready to move property is one of the important decision.

It is again depending on your payment schedule and financial arrangement of buyer. but buying a ready to move property than going for under construction having some extra benefits on the side of buyer.

Possession –

In today’s market maximum sale of projects are happening via marketing activities and their advertisement, so some time there will be miscommunication happens. In future it creates a grave situation in between the project developer and the buyer. As buyer expect the possession which was committed by builder. but in some projects, it gets delays due to some reasons, which makes the buyer suffer as he has to wait for the possession also have to pay Pre EMI to bank and if he is on rent again he must pay the rent also.

It is also beneficial in ready to move property no wait. your apartment is ready to live. so, to think about all the negative circumstances which affect the possession, it is beneficial to go with ready to move.

No Rent –

Rent which take away the major part of salary per month. if you are going for under construction property you have to also consider the Rent factor in

your budget as you have to wait for possession and have to pay Rent. In ready to move property it is also benefit that your part of Rent get deleted within a month or 2 months.

No Pre-EMI –

Once your agreement is done with developer, he will ask for the payment as per his construction stage, if you are going for a loan then banker will

charge you Pre EMI-till possession for the under-construction project. If you are going for a ready to move in apartment no Pre EMI-will be charged by the Banker will start will direct EMI.

So it is always beneficial to go with Ready to Move apartments…..

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