Confusion between 1 & 2 BHK?

It has been often observed that in a Middle-Income Group Sector Families, the decision for 1 or 2 BHK is a big question mark.

To get the rid from this question we have providing the solution to make the decision become the 100% right solution for this segment families.

First before being to the conclusion decision of home buying option, buyer must check out the following parameters –

  • Family Income
  • Home budget
  • Preferred Location
  • Family Member’s (In Joint Family)
  • Buyer’s Age

The above-mentioned parameters are plays an important role in your home buying process.

Your family Income the Annual Income is a main aspect in your home selection as on your Eligibility you will be able to go for the Size or BHK’s, if you are going to take the Home Loan. If you are going with self-funding, then it will be easier to choose the Size.

Budget is the second important aspect, what budget you are looking for to buy your dream home. If you are having a good budget option as discussed above, you have a multiple-choice option to avail your dream home come true.

Location, is the third important aspect apart from your income and budget the location is more important factor in your home selection process, if you are choosing a hot location where the prices are on the higher side which is already well developed location then you have to pay more for the location & depending on your budget you have to degrade from 2 BHK to 1 BHK or 1.5 BHK.

If you are having a Joint family, then you must also consider this while choosing BHK or Size of an apartment. If you are having only 2 or 3 members’ then you can go for a 1 BHK and do a more saving’s for the future developments.

Age is also one of the important factor, in your early age of 24, 25 you have a higher eligibility for taking the home loan, so you have a good option for going for a big apartment rather than a small one.

At last, its all depend on the buyer’s need, budget and his repayment capacity.

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