Diwali – Auspicious days to buy a new property.

Investments in Real Estate is a right decision, as they invariably gives good returns. The people buy properties during the festive season like Diwali, this reinfores their belief that Diwali is an auspicious period to buy a new property or make investment in a property.

Diwali, a festival of lights considered as a right and auspicious period to buy a new property either in Residential or a Commercial !

Dussehra or Vijayadashmi is celebrated with great enthusiasm as it symbolizes new beginnings. Whereas the festival of Diwali begins with Dhanteras, a day on which most business communities in India begin their financial year. Buying a new property is one of the biggest investment one makes in a lifetime and owning a property is a form of wealth too. Hence it is considered to be the most important out of the several muhuraths during a year time. resulting the same most people choose Dussehra and Diwali to invest or owning a new wealth.

Diwali is not only the start of the New Year but also the day when Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth  is worshiped. This day is considered the perfect occasion to take big decisions and purchase new property.

Now going forward on this auspicious days like a good time to purchase a new property, many real estate builders offering a good discounts, freebies and other add-ons to attract the potential home buyers. it’s a both side positive impact as client get a good deal and a real estate developer have a huge amount of chances to crack more deals to fulfill their targets.

  • Before going for investment in a property during the auspicious days do remember –
    * Check on your budget in advance.
    * Approach and check the elegibility with different banks for the home loan.
    * Find out important details – Locality, Transportion facilities, nearing hospitals, schools and other social infrastructure.
    * Do a through background checks while picking a builder
    * Choose a right Floor– High-rise or Lower floors as per your family requirement considering all members in mind.

At the same time, while buying the house under construction, you must see if the project has good connectivity .
Better connectivity to a project will always give you a better price and hence better returns.

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