Griha Pravesh – Entering in a New Home

A place we stay home is called  “human temple”
In Indian architecture the dwelling is itself a shrine.

Graha Pravesha Puja –
The common procedures and Mantras in Grahapravesha Puja are taken from the Matsya Purana
(Chapter 268-69), written down 7000 years ago. A house warming ceremony and then only move into the property.
Owning a house has always been considered a huge mileston in many cultures. It is also mentioned that an empty house is where negative forces dwell.  So, to purify and cultivate positivity in one’s living space, a series of rituals
are performed which are collectively known as ‘Grihapravesh’. Before entering  in a new house or property a Griha Pravesh Ceremony is performed.

History behind it –
The meaning behind the pooja is to bring the Gods and the planets in to the newly constructed house and to please them to seek their blessings for the wellbeing of the family members. The pooja is also a thanks giving ceremony for the gods and the ancestors of the family for giving them a blessings for a new property.

3 types of Griha Pravesh –

A first entry making to a newly constructed home on a newly selected land is called apoorva
griha pravesh

Entering in a Ready to Move home after travelling abroad or migration elsewhare is sapoorva
griha pravesh

Entering in a home after Reconstruction due to damage is termed as dwandwah(old) griha pravesh.

Pujas for Griha Pravesh

Vastu pooja
Vastu Shanti
Navagraha Homam
Boiling of milk
Breaking the coconut
Gho Puja
Dwara Puja
Ganesha Puja
Maha Sankalpam
Kalash Puja
Vishesha Homa
Final prayer

Benifits of the Pooja –
The term Griha Prevesh devotes wealth and prosperity. It donates a health for you and for your family. The Puja wards off impurities from the vastu. Doing a Griha Preshvesh before entering the home is the best way to begin your new life in your new home. A negative energy removes from your surrounding and brings a healty positive energy. Brings prosperity and a good progress in all aspects of the owner and his family in means of health, business, studies and in relationships.


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