Security Measures for Housing Projects

Residential projects are coming up with many developers with the Stand alone building to Town ship projects across all developing cities in India. Property end users and also the property investor’s now a days preferred to invest their money in Apartments or Housing projects rather than Row houses individual houses or plots.

With rapid development in all sector’s the rate of crime also increased in all the major cities & due to such individuals first preferer the security of his or her family. So offering from developers like word class amenities & 4 tire securities they preferred the gated community projects.

Now in some old projects there are not provided such security majors, but we the Society members can implement the same to secure ourselves……

Security Measures –

24 X 7 Security Guard at Entry & Exit Gates – This is one of the basic security measures that need to be implemented. The security guards can be changed in shifts, to ensure complete security at all times.

Digital Surveillance with Night View – CCTV cameras, or other computable cameras can be installed at strategic points to keep a track of what is happening or in case of any misdoings, the guards can reach the scene of action immediately.

Visitors Record in datails – A proper track of the visitors/vehicles entering/leaving the society should be kept. Everything right from the entry time, vehicle no., to the exit time should be kept for future records.

Intercom System – Installing intercom systems in the houses will add to the security measures implemented in the society. The intercoms can be used to communicate with unidentified people without giving them access to the house. Installing peepholes on the door are another basic security measure.

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