Which floor is the best fit for me?

How to select a floor, Go upper floor or the lower is the best fit for us, confused.

Many Buyer’s get confused as to “Which floor is the best fit for me?” population in cities is rising and the land to accommodate the growing number remains limited. Now a day’s Real estate developers are now developing high-rise or FloorRise projects.

Now if you are a home buyer & want to know which floor you want to go in a high-rise or FloorRise residential apartment project. Before you take a decision, check some factors involved and decide what is the best suits as per your lifestyle –


Higher floors offer a better view, especially if the tower is located close to a scenic place.



Noise is the main factor while every buyer is looking to buy a new property as high rise floor are having less or minimum street noise compare to the lower floors.



As compare to lower floors the high-rise floors are more secure and safe. Again, it’s also depend on the security measures adopted by the management of the residential society guardians.


“Energy Consumption”

Power consumption mostly increase as you go higher floors, because you have to run your fans and air conditioners for a long time in the summer season.


“Lights & Ventilation”

As you go higher you will get a fresh air and ample light compare to the lower floors, ventilation will be all day all night round the clock for high-rise floors.


“Consideration of family members”

First and last foremost important choosing the floor is the altogether consideration of whole family, have to check the comfort of parents and kids while going for a final decision.

As considering the above all aspects in mind it’s a good option to choose the high-rise floor for better lifestyle, more safety & security to your family with a fresh air for healthy lift. but again the preference of floor changes person to person. We at Floorrise give a best fit projects in and around pune, so please if you have any information required, please feel free to get in touch with us.

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