Home Decor Ideas

Arrange your home with some creative ideas which make your home the Dream Home…..

1. Wall Paint: While choosing a paint colour for walls use different colour combinations to add extra vibrant in the overall look and feel. Pick one shade darker or bolder than what you feel is safe. Go out of your comfort zone, and you may be pleasantly surprised. Painting is inexpensive and easy to apply, so experiment.

2. Lighting: This one is again interesting decorative idea because lights entirely change the look and feel of a specific area. Put various shapes and colour bulb to the ceiling and walls which add extra importance to particular area or space in your house.

3. Decorative Furniture: It’s easy to buy a complete matching living room or bedroom furniture set from one store. But try experimenting, buy the unique from different stores and arrange them in an interesting way to add more value to it.

4. Collection: Buy few unique decorative pieces and places them in various corners of the house or try easy DIY decorative designs and place them on the wall or between the corners can also be a great and creative idea.

5. Room Arrangements: Arrange sofa, dining table, coffee table, chairs, wall paintings, wall photos in different angle and position to see the difference on how does it look and place them in a position where it looks best out of other options
 6. Wall Pictures: Give extra attention while decorating walls with pictures. In personal room hang huge couple’s or family photo of many favourite memories together. In living room and kitchen frame beautiful painting on walls.

7.Do not make it Crowded: Cleaning and maintaining lots of collection in a house is a tricky task. Keeping it minimal and instead of stuffing every space of house keep some space empty in your house. In a room, decorate one or two walls rather than all walls that make it look messy.

8. Gardening: Place few decorative pots and grow some green plants, Colourful flowers, fragrance plants, in your balcony which makes you feel you living in between nature. Plantation in home is always good idea to decorate house balcony along with the entrance.

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