Your home safe place to live & work – Coronavirus Pandemic.

Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, people are finding their home as a first safe place for self and family members, also companies have been forced to shift to mandatory work from home policies to their employees. Now this feel situation the more important to manage the day to day house hold activity and also the professional activity without disturbing our rest family members that to without being panic.

Here people come with new thinking of –

  • A big home.
  • Important of separate work space at home to work from home.
  • Separate rooms for all family members.
  • Important of Security & hygiene in building and society premises.
  • Gated Community Project to feel safe from outsiders in this Pandemic Situation.
  • In house supply of all daily necessary Grocery, Vegetables, fruits, milk etc…
  • Family Safety as first priority.
  • Supply of clean drinking water.
  • Value added Services provided by the developers – Internet Access (Online Education).

People new getting the real importance of their home where they spend 16 hours a day, 128 hours a week, approx. 512 hours a month & approx. 6144 hours in a year & this Covid-19 Situation made them more home savvy.

Investment in a big home with separate living for every member in the family is need of the time & not wasting of money. Adopting hygiene techniques, security & gated community project where we along with our family get an assured security and safety under the dual tire security with CCTV surveillance to feel the safe at home.

 Home is place where one family just not live but they spend each and every moment of their life with other family members.


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