Property Cards to Flat Owners (New Rule) – Maharashtra Land Revenue Code, 1966.

The government of State of Maharashtra has decided to provide property cards to flat owners that will grant them ownership title of their property. The decision was taken in the state cabinet meeting. The cabinet has approved rules that will allow the state to provide ownership rights of vertical properties.

The state issues property cards for urban areas and 7/11 extracts for rural areas that define the ownership rights of an individual or multiple people, but there is no document available that proves ownership of the Individual who owns a flat in the building being constructed on any Land.

The state revenue department of Maharashtra Government decided to bring the – ‘Maharashtra Land Revenue Record of Rights and Registers for Apartments and Buildings Rules,’ under the Maharashtra Land Revenue Code (MLRC), 1966, which enables the state to provide a property card for flat ownership”.

This move will also help to prevent property related frauds. The property card will also help local bodies to charge taxes to flat owners. Also, the local bodies will have a clear idea about ownership along with area of such flats to determine taxes and other charges.

Maharashtra individually have around lakhs of property cards for urban areas and in Crore 7/12 extracts which used to keep the records of rural areas. The problem of vertical properties was main in the stream line that it should have no record for an individual but with this amendment by the State government will also create individual interest in such land where he holds his flat or commercial office or shop. Like Maharashtra State Government the other state government will also adopt such amendments in their respective states.

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